At the Youth Institute, teens learn a variety of skills from writing and laying out a magazine in Adobe InDesign to filming and editing their own short films. This page is dedicated to showing off some of the work these teens have done.


Each year during the summer our teens create two full  magazines. One for the New Class (1st year) and one for the Alumni (2nd year) students. Here are the magazines for 2016 and 2017 summers.

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America Needs Talent

A film by the YMCA Youth Institute

January 2018

What If

A Film by Allison Burmister

2017 Alumni

Links to other Youth Institute Films

2017 Summer Films

- 2017 New Class and Alumni Class

2017 Summer Recruitment Video

- David Stevenson 2016 Alumni

2016 Summer Films

- 2016 New Class and Alumni Class

2015 Summer Films

- 2015 New Class and Alumni Class


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What If

 Movie Poster designed by Allison

YI Class of 2016


Created by Annika

YI Class of 2016

Not Love Anymore

Movie Poster designed by Sarah

YI Class of 2016

Waterfall Island

Graphic Design by Ruth

 YI Class of 2015

Zompie Derp

Production Logo created by Ruth

YI Class of 2015

Y-Arts for the Holidays

 Flyer design by Corbin

YI Class of 2014


Movie poster designed by Corbin

YI Class of 2014

Little Woofer Productions

 Production Logo by Kelbie

YI Class of 2016

Polar Plunge

Flyer designed by Dalton

YI Class of 2015

Mad Hatter

 Poster designed by Ruth

YI Class of 2015

The Struggle

Movie poster designed by Trevor

YI Class of 2015

Double Exposure

Created by Kennady

YI Class of 2014